What was in my joint?

I know that I'll be getting a lot of answers like "you shouldn't do drugs" or similar answers like that but pls don't be hard on me I know that I f***ed up. So I usually started smoking weed for my depression and my anxiety and it always helped me out to calm down and actually sleep through the night and I never had any problems with it. And I always got it from my dealer which I've been ordering from the whole time. My friend and I we have the same dealer but when she asked him for weed he said he'll get something good in 2 weeks. But then she found someone else who could give her more weed for less the money the next day. So she the other dealers weed and asked me if I wanted to smoke with her. Usually when I order from my main dealer his weed smells so strong after 2 days my jacked would still smell like weed but the weed that we got from the other guy didn't smell as strong at all. And it tasted really weird too. After 2 hits I felt really weird and I didn't get the nice ticklish feeling in my body. But I still continued smoking the joint with my friend. After that I felt really dizzy I walked slow and like a drunk person I didn't get a dry mouth at all I got out of focus my ears eyes lips neck chest started to ich and burn I felt really weak and shaky I had trouble breathing and I couldn't hear as well as I could before it was like the pressure u get on your ears when u fly a plane but only worse. I got hot and could and later I started choking for 10 min straight but I didn't throw up. It was a really bad trip and I thought I'm. gonna die. And when I started choking I wished that i could die it was really bad... But it never happened before. What could've been in my weed?


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  • It was either primo or just grown cheap his new supplier probably could have used some harsh pesticides too.