My friend though I was going to be upset by her telling me I got no hips?

Is it considered unattractive with narrow hips?

because untill this year i hated my hips, because they are more narrow than my shoulders. Im over that now because there is nothing i can do about it, in addition people always give me compliement about my body. So its probarly not as bad as i belive it is.

But my former friends said something once, that made me second guess that. So normally i workout reagulary and eat healthy, but i hadn't for a while at the time and i noticed fat on my hips (something i dont have that much of). So i said "i think im gaining weigh, i mean i am starting to get hips", she replied " but you dont have any hips", me "I know!", she "oh, i thought you were going to get upset"

So obviously she thinks that having narrow hips is unattractive.. im just curious what other people think


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  • "So obviously she thinks that having narrow hips is unattractive"

    Where do you get this idea from? You used to hate your hips in the past and she expected you to act the same.

    • i didn't like them, but it wasn't something i expressed.. aparantly since i was fit i wasn't "allowed" to express my body insecurities without people getting annoyed by it. and with your logic i should have said that she had a fat stomach when she expressed that she had lost or gain fat on her stomach.. you dont pinpoint someones insecurities.. especially if they dont ask for your opinion.

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  • Well, I personally like the tiny bit of fat that tends to be on the hips (and apparently mostly only women! I don't have any fat there at all!), so I think you're probably just fine now.


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