My question is to Americans Who are you going to vote for in 2016 ?

and who is your favorite candidate for now Bernie , Hillary , Trump , Ted etc..

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  • I'm going to vote for the Republican nominee
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  • I'm a Moderate but I have Liberal leanings. Out of all the platforms that I've seen, I'm choosing Hillary.


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  • If the GOP candidate is one of those douchey candidates, then most likely I will vote Democratic.
    Donald Trump is somewhat too full of himself, but he's more shrewd than the bombastic person he seems on TV.
    Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz is insane - he actually is Hitlerian and he is the one that I fear the most.
    El Skippy, aka Marco Rubio, is OK, but I think he's a bit more of a puppet than Cruz.
    Ben Carson really isn't Presidential because he's a bit looney although very likeable.
    Carly Fiorina is inhuman a bit.
    Rand Paul needs to stop sucking from the tit of dead sociopathic whore Ayn Rand (as does Cruz and the rest of the Tea Baggers). Furthermore, he's my age - he should know better.
    I used to like Jeb, but not as much now although he would be a decent GOP President - I hope more like his dad than his brother.
    On the GOP side, I mostly like Kasich and Chris Christie. What I like about Chris Christie is that it is easily recognizable when he has to do standard politician bullshit but you can also detect the underlying current in him of being a strong but realistic executive. Kasich and Christie, both being active governors, are less ideological and more realistic. I appreciate that.
    However, my policies lead toward the left because those are necessary for long-term survival. So, I lean towards Bernie Sanders although Hillary Clinton isn't bad - I would have voted for her in 2008.
    Ideally, I'd want the policies of domestic policies of Bernie, the organizational brilliance and practicality of Hillary, and the bulldog-but-practical tenacity of Chris Christie.


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  • If anybody votes dem they are just admitting to being retarded.

  • Trump. He is honest in saying what he thinks and that is rare in politics.

    He will bring back jobs by allowing companies to repatriate their overseas holdings and will invest in the US instead of other countries.

    Right now the US is importing millions of people as cheap labor which hurts the lower skilled people, and, reduces the money for services to current citizens; ie, schools, student teacher ratios, emergency rooms, food stamps etc, etc. Trump will focus on our citizens.

  • Trump hopefully he shakes up the establishment

  • I hate both parties. If an individual I agree with appears on the ballot I will vote.

  • Not Amercian, but everything that happens to you guys effects Canada so I'll still weigh in.
    I like the Republicans, I think Trump is your best option. Plus he'll help keep our idiot PM in line.

    • I respect your opinion but i don't think so I'm liberal and i think you've got a very good pm

    • @redstang88 Fwend, you people have drive around on cars with square wheels. It's hard to take you seriously, guy. ;)

  • Anyone but Hillary. Please god let them vote in anyone but Hilary.

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  • #nobody2016 I personally don't like any of the candidates, or the two party system for that matter

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