Why am I so unconfident?

Hi everyone
To be honest , all people i meet say i am pretty , sometimes beautiful , i am thin , 161 cm and 46 kg my breasts r 90 B french size and have little bit of ass , my legs look also fine and i have a flat tummy , everyone says im good , but i just can't accept myself , there r no problems in my relationships concerning sex , just the fact that my boyfriend watched some vids occasionally of naked women and i have confronted him for that he said that i shouldn't overreact cuz all guys do that and it doesn't mean he loves them or anything because he loves me and that i am enough for him. I think knowing that he watches naked women makes me always think im not enough , i canthelp but feel insecure :( i know the problem is in me but what can i do to feel confident? It really ruins me help please


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  • your problem is you don't think your boyfriend is satisfied by you, you need to tell him you don't feel comfortable with him watching those videos, if i had a girlfriend i wouldn't be watching videos of other girls. also, it might not be you all the time, you have to stop blaming yourself, and bring up your self esteem a bit, find something you're good at, and focus on that, your boyfriend does seem to be at fault here, so tell him how this is making you feel, honesty is the best policy.

    • I told him i got really upset but he said im overreacting :( . If i bring it up again he just gets upset

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    • I understand but i just avoid bringing it up often cuz i dont want him to think i feel bad about myself and that i have low self esteem. i try to be okay with it but no matter what i read i can't stop feeling that he is guilty and i feel jaelous
      It kind of helped thank you ^^

    • that's okay, i hope you feel better soon

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