Any ideas for something new to take up?

For my unnoficial (and very late for that matter) New Year's Resolution, I've decided to take up something new, most likely a sport, but possibly some other club, skil, etc.
To be honest with you, I'm struggling to decide on the few ideas I've come up with. If I take up a sport, I'd like something that would keep me in good shape. I'm not fat or anything, but I don't excercise as much as I'd like to. But ultimately I'd like something that I enjoy. Some help with ideas would be nice, if you have the time :)
Ideas I've already have include:
~Silver DofE
~Possibly rugby?
~Volunteering-something to do with natural sciences

Thanks for any help! :)


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  • If you have a animal shelter or SPCA or however you call it close to where you live you could try volunteering there.
    There is always lots of work to be done, volunteers usually do the cleaning of the dog kennels and cat rooms and what not but can also take dogs for nice long walks! Definitely a nice way to get some exercise and make some animals very happy :)
    If you're an animal person anyways.

    • I think I'm a sort of animal person, but I'm not really a dog or cat person. I'm not sure on this, but I don't think the RSPCA takes under 18s :/
      Really, there's no limit to volunteering, charities and other places nearly always need an extra pair of hands. It's just finding one that's convenient for me that I really like.

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  • Skiing?
    It's expensive but awesome.

    • Tired skiing. Not really my cup of tea if I'm honest. Maybe I didn't try it for long enough.