Single and over 30 - do you think its a bad idea to plan to be an older, single mom?

I'm 26 and very aware that in 4 short years, I'll be 30. I've never been in a serious relationship, and the chances of me being ready/willing to get married in 4 years are pretty slim, and the possibility of finding someone seems even slimmer. But I've always wanted to be a mom, once I reach a certain point in my career and financial status. I feel like I'll probably just have to do this one on my own, and I'm okay with that. I know being a single mom is incredibly difficult, thus the importance of financial status as well as family support.

Do you think this is crazy? I especially want to hear from some single mothers, but all opinions are welcome.


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  • what the hell why do you wanna be a single mom why can't you be a mother with a partner it makes no sense


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  • I'm ok with people making that decision if they are independently wealthy, via donor sperm though I think it's better to have two GOOD parents in the picture. Adoption makes more sense, to me, though it's not easy to accomplish, either.

    I think it's morally wrong to dupe a guy into unprotected sex to have a baby he doesn't know about, though. Even if you don't want child support...

    Also, 4 years is a long time and you don't suddenly become infertile right at 30. Why not put extra effort into actually meeting someone?

    • Oh of course not. Plus thats asking for legal issues.

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  • literally retarded. Go find that nice guy who you thought was too boring for you in college.

  • But honestly sounds like a terrible idea


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  • With our biological clocks ticking, I know how it seems like time is closing in.
    There is this milestone age in mind, and many of us freak out if we don't achieve what we are said to have achieved already by societal standards.
    I have faith that you'll find a guy, maybe not as soon as you want but you will.
    Do you put yourself out there at all to meet others?
    Do you approach men?

    I think the more you take the initiative to approach others the better of your chances of meeting someone within 4 years.

  • I don't think it's crazy. I can understand where a woman come from to think that way.
    I'm lucky that I found the love of my life and don't have to ask myself those question. Though, before I met him, I never had a real serious relationship, I was 22 and would already wonder what would happen to me if I didn't meet the one. So I can understand how a woman feel the need to have a child even if it's on her own.

    I think it must be hard. You have no time off. My dad often told me that when my mum of him needed time off, The other would take care of the kids for the day. That's something you can't do as a single parents.

    • Thanks for understanding :)

      And yes, that's very true. However, family helps a lot sometimes, depending on where I would be living. And good friends can help. And if those aren't available, I would have a good babysitter/nanny on call.

      Also, bonjour et merci beaucoup ^__^