Was the lady jealous?

So I was trying on this leather jacket and when I came out, this sales guy (in a store), sort of gave me a look from head to waist-level.

Later on when I was trying on various jackets and asking the sales lady about which size looked better on me, she said, "Well... I like the bigger one on you. I mean you have the bust too, and that's not going anywhere," (and then she chuckled).

I don't think it was meant to be offensive, but sort of conveniently followed after that guy kinda checked me out


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  • Jelly beans be jelly.

    • lol but I didn't even know the guy. I am so tired of women.

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  • I don't think she was. She simply noticed your breast size and she tried to be helpful.

    • I sometimes find when people say something before chuckling it's not sincere. Most people who are sincere say something and look super-uncomfortable because they don't want to offend.