Are they going to put me in fostercare?

i have a history of missing school
since like the 3rd grade

the lowest days I've ever missed was like 18.

the most is 83... and yes i passed, this was the 7th grade
i passed because im usually a straight a student when i go, i wouldv'e been on the honor roll so many times but i kept skipping.

the reason i kept skipping was because of depression, my aunt died, my dad left my mom for another woman (he's homeless now) he stole from the other woman he cheated from and got kicked out.

i did pass the 7th but i failed the 8th
my mom saw i was depressed and not going to school she thought it would be better if she home schooled me, but the credits i were doing were actually 9th grade credits and not 8th grade so technically i never even did the 8th grade so they put me back in public school in the 8th grade again.

i was taken into fostercare but since my cousin was a cps worker she was able to take me in.
next time i won't be able to be with her im going to a different county.

i have a court date every month, for missing school.
this year i think I've missed 40.

We went to court like last month and they told me not to miss another day or im getting taken into foster care and thats it. they did agree to give me home counseling... i never got that... i missed 11 days and they told me not to miss one.

could i possibly stay home since the home counselor never came?
or will they still take me? my court date is like the 25th. and i haven't been to school since they day before Christmas break.

in times like this when my dad was around hewould come in handy and i miss him so much.
he left the summer i was going into the 7th grade

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  • Probably not because they didn't keep their promise with counseling.
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  • Go to school!

    You have a bright future and you need to show up to school!

    I'm sorry you're going through a rough time, I hope it gets better!

    They might take you away considering how many days you've missed, if you have a good lawyer though I assume there's hope!

    • yeah my mom has a good lawyer i jut dont want to get taken away

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    • i hope..

    • I'm sure it will work out! Think positive!
      If you ever need someone to talk to you can pm me ☺️

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