What are your PC specs?

I7 6700
16Gb DDR4 ram
gtx 970 4gb
750watt psu
Asus z170k motherboard


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  • AMD Phenom II X4 840 @ 4.1GHz, 1.525v (stock 3.2GHz).
    Fractal Design Kelvin S36 (360mm AIO water cooler, not sold in NA).
    ASRock 970 Extreme4 motherboard.
    8GB of Kingston ValuRam @ 1600MHz CL8. (Stock 1333 and CL9).
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti Black Edition @ 1460MHz and +22mV core, 3000MHz on the memory.
    256GB Samsung 850 PRO boot drive, 2TB Seagate Barracuda, 1TB WD Green and 1TB Samsung Spinpoint for games and media.
    Lite On BluRay burner.
    TP Link 450mbps PCIe WLAN card.
    750W Fractal Design Edison M 80 PLUS Gold PSU.
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro case.
    3x 120mm Fractal Design fans (pulling through the rad), 1x 200mm Phanteks intake, 1x 140mm Phanteks exhaust.

    That should be about it. 😛


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  • are you going hard at video editing or what do you need 16 gb and an i7 for? also i hope it´s the k version of that processor.

    my setup is getting old XD
    i5 4670k
    8gb ddr3 ram
    gtx 660ti
    700 watt be quiet psu
    asus z87 gryphon

    • Video editing and streaming and I didn't get the K since I don't know shit about overclocking
      Ignore that my motherboard is overclockable

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    • stuff will just "not work and turn off your overcolock" instead of breaking.

    • ah, didn't know that thanks

  • i7 5820k @ 4.0 GHz
    32 gb ddr4 ram
    2 gtx 980ti
    1200 watt psu
    msi x99a motherboard

    • what on earth do you do that uses 32gb of ram and SLI 980tis

    • the ram was half off because i bought everything on black Friday. i was only going for 16gb ddr4 and it was more the the 32gb pack so i switched.

  • Toaster with whoal wheat bread