Am I fucked up for this?

Ok so im friends with a Childhood bully of mine... Weve been friends for years now... Well anyways when we get to talking about places we used to be at and everything as children, I always throw it up in her face how she ganged up on me with other girls when I was 12 and beat me really badly.. I dont do it on purpose though it just comes along with the conversation... She always feels so bad about it and starts crying sometimes about it... I tell her I think its funny now that I look back at it because if she didn't do that I wouldn't know how to fight or stick up for myself like I do now... I tell her everything happens for a reason and that reason was to make me a stronger person...


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  • Then shut up about it. It happened 15 years ago, and she's obviously sorry about it. No need to keep beating a dead horse.


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  • If she's changed and is a better person now, and she genuinely regrets what she did, stop throwing it in her face. Otherwise, you'll become the bully she once was.