Why doesn't playing hard to get work for unattractive people?

Like if a pretty girl plays hard to get it makes a lot of the boys want her even more. But if an unnattractive girl or even a average girl does the same thing, the guys don't really pay attention or notice as much. When people say she's hard to get they're usually referring to attractive people.

I know some of you are gonna say it's stupid and doesn't work but for the sake of the question?

  • Being hard to get works only if you're attractive to begin with
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  • Playing hard to get will make guys want you more even if you aren't that attractive
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  • If your playing hard to get, well for the guy he needs a reason to try and do his best to get you. Say if your talking about say, Adriana Lima, if she was playing hard to get most people would go along with it cos it would be worth it in the end.

    Lets say if being physically attractive isn't your strongest quality, then playing hard to get would probably be a bit harder. This is because they may be unsure if they are attracted to you immediately, and if your playing hard to get and not being open with the other person can just put them off you completely.

    A better way of saying it really is, playing hard to get only really works if you have all the power, ie, you know the other person really likes you. This way you can tempt them, but force them to show you etc.
    This mainly works for more attractive females (males as well) as they almost always know if someone is physically attracted to them, so can play hard to get.
    They know that the other person likes them, so can push some of the boundaries which if with someone who doesn't like them would just walk away from, if that makes sense.

    It's about attraction, but not always about physical attraction.

    Also, getting someone who is hard to get is more rewarding in the end, its not like you just paid someone, its rewarding in some cases.

    Anyway, ask me if anything seems unclear, may not have explained it my best here.
    Hope this helps.

    • Do you mean that an attractive person can do this to get the other person to make a move on them or get them to ask her out?

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    • But if he already really likes me, why doesn't he just ask me out? Why do I have to be hard to get?

    • You don't need to play hard to get, I never said you have to.
      Playing hard to get makes it more rewarding for the other person when they finally get it.
      It is more rewarding, not easy and can make you more interesting. This I would say would generally apply to really attractive or famous people, who don't want to be seen as easy to get and keeps them interesting to a whole group of people, just to sum it up really quickly.

      I would say don't play hard to get, but don't be so easy that it puts people off you as it can be seen as boring.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean i guess thats just how things are. Sometimes there won't be accurate and exact answers to all of our questions.


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  • truly it doesn't work at all. being hard to get shouldn't be a long term decision

    • I meant it as a way for the other person to make a move

    • ye but you actually wish to have someone who will put in as much effort as you and this should be right from the start. the problem is you never know if that person has another reason than you to act like you do

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  • I think after a certain age this doesn't work at all. Who wants to work hard to get rejected often with no real guarantee the other person is interested? Kind of a dick move to do to someone you like.