Is this hypocritical?

On my birthday, (18th) my parents and my brother (27) made a huge deal out of the age of a guy I was talking to (23). They harassed me and made me cry on my birthday.( It takes A LOT to make me cry!) They made me feel like crap. Especially my brother.
Now my older brother who is 27 is dating a girl who is 18 or 19. Is that hypocritical?

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  • You are 18 now. You are an adult. You can date whoever you want. Tell them to get fucked. He's only 4 years older than you. This is a normal age gap in relationships. No one, including your parents, has the right to interfere with the relationship of an ADULT.
    Again... tell them to fuck off. That's the right of an adult.

    • Thank you! 🙌👐
      I wish most people see things the way that you do

    • No problem :) Hopefully all works out.

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  • He's probably really protective of you. Otherwise it doesn't make sense considering your age difference with the guy wasn't much and his is quite a lot with the girl.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes that's very hypocritical! And very unfair of your family

    • Yes, I know. They put me through emotional hell that day.

  • tell him he's a creep for dating someone your age. serves him right...