He's going to jail?

My ex partner may be going to jail for criminal fraud. His court cases keep getting adjourned and his next court case is the final one. We have been through a really tough year and as he is the father of my 7 month old daughter, I love him very much. Two days before his court case, he was staying at his mum's with his 3 children to a previous marriage. I haven't heard from him for almost a week and I'm really worried about him. Apparently he is at his mum's having time to himself and has switched his phone off. He may be really worried about getting locked up in 4 weeks time as he is not allowed to adjourn it more than 3 or 4 times. I'm starting to feel sick as I am soo anxious to speak to him, but can't get through to him. I can't call his mum's because we don't talk. Do you think he will be ok?


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  • He will be fine. He's probably just taking a bit of time to think things through before the court case