Ever lock eyes with someone and you were taken aback?

A while ago I was with my ex boyfriend and we were dining out. Our server came to our table to take our order. My boyfriend knew him from Uni. They were chatting as I was looking over the menu. Then the introduction came so I looked up to say "hello" and as our eyes met there was some kind of strange connection. I really can't explain it, it was almost like a "boom". You could tell it wasn't just me, he looked kind of dumbfounded. That was that, I never saw him again. I don't even think I know his name. I'm still thinking about that interaction years later (here and there), because it's the only time in my life that has ever happened.


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  • Those are the only people I dare. My first girlfriend and I had the exact same thing happen. I was sleep at school and she woke me up I looked up and boom the world stopped. Second time it happened I was in an elevator and this girl walks in and I looked down as she looked up and both of us just stared in silence smiling in a daze until she ran off on like the second or third floor (she lived on the 8th). Me and my girlfriend were off and on for nearly five years and breaking up permenant li was like ripping my spleen out with bare hands. Like we broke up several times but no matter what if we saw each other in public we had to talk to each other. I can't count the number of times I caught her staring at me from a distance. I could spot her ought of a crowd in an instant without trying it was like a weird six sense kind of thing. I can remember seeing her one last time and when I didn't immediately come over to talk it was like her world shattered. And about two seconds later mine did to. The elevator girl and I had a very similar experience the only difference is it only lasted two years and neither one of us could build up the nerve to even start a conversation. Two years of unspoken communication. I didn't know her name I had no classes with her but I saw her on campus about once or twice a week in passing and every time it was like we were both staring at a ghost. She would get angry when I was with other girls and feel sad/remorseful when I saw her with other guys. It was an extremely emotional nonrelationship. Like one long silent movie. There were days when she would be mad at me and days when it was clear that I was the one making her sad. It was just freaky really. But both relationships started the exact same way you described it. With a boom and a feeling of connection that just felt strange. Good but strange.


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