Top down dreams?

Maybe it's because I'm a gamer i dunno, but recently i have been having a scary dream in which i navigate a destroyed place, with holes. And in each hole there is someone dead, and in the dream i always get to this one hole where there is this woman alive and i can hear her cries for help with this intense feeling that is traumatic everytime i get close her and see her glowing eyes back at me. And of course this is all from a birds eye view in which i can see myself navigating around, much like a videogame like Xcom. And i hardly touch these type of games. What can this dream mean?


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  • Maybe there is a girl trapped somewhere and you're the only one she can contact...
    Maybe you are experiencing astral travel in your dreams and the person isn't you...
    Maybe someone you know feels trapped or hopeless...
    Maybe you are trying to bury your feminine side...
    hard to say since I don't know what your dreams are normally like or much else about you or your associates.

    • Interesting thoughts, I'm taking these into consideration. But not too sure haha. Lately I've having bad luck witg women. But i had better relationships with my mum or sister

    • Well, don't let bad luck be a deterrent in finding happiness, because it's not just your happiness. There's the possibility that you're having the dreams because of your experiences with women and it's ok, they were the dead ones but there is one out there who is alive.

    • I don't seem help her. I just walk around but i struggle to.

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