What "innocent" creepy things do you do in your everyday life?

And no, this question is not about looking under girls' dresses or messing with their underwear :-(
What I mean, are things like:
- Choosing your creepy Halloween costume.
- Going to a horror movie.
- Kids playing with vampire teeth.
Corious what innocent, creepy things you can name!
Oh my goodness someone is going to say "looking at my guys' portrait" 8) 8)


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  • I sometimes whisper to myself when I try to collect my thoughts 👻

    • Hahaha and is it refreshing to the mind? Do the best ideas come up than?

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    • ... but it works, that's the moral of the story :D

    • Haha I'll try it out, MH is all yours :D

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  • I am a history major and sometimes we read about the cruel practices of different tribes killing and conquering each other.

    One of the ugliest stories I heard this week was about a group in Qumran that would abandon its sinners and leave them to starve in the desert if they went against the community code.

    • Oh my goodness... that sounds similar to what IS is doing in Syria & Iraq :o :-(
      That's creepy indeed!

  • smiling at random people they probably think Im up to something

    • Lol. I like waving to random people while driving

    • @Mybeachlife88 and @RonG96 so now I know who was smiling and waving :D
      * smiles and waves back *

  • Whenever I watch tv or play video games I get very involved.

    • Haha I see... I can imagine that for those watching from a safe distance it may look weird.
      So sometimes Kia hits the TV? 8)

    • I don't hit the tv... But I have cried and curled up into a ball when my favorite characters have died

    • Poor girl :o
      What happens when they win the lottery or get married?
      You climb the curtains?

  • I talk to myself. Whoops.

    • And do you answer? Hahaha :-)
      Hello Sophy? Hi Sophy, how are you today? Fine? Me too :D

    • Haha, no like I'll say, "shoot, I have to do homework" or "so, what do I have planned today?" Stuff like that. 😂

    • If that helps you to get organized, it may not be the wrong solution :-)

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  • Used to kill rats, until I posted a question with pic of dead rats, and @MissNowHere shot me in the head and tagged me as Psycho, then used poison, and ended up petting a kitten... He is my Vicious little apprentice, if a rat comes in I force it to come in open and my apprentice hunts..

    Apart from It I developed a new bad habit on drifting bike on every turn! Or road, oh God!.. I am gonna see you soon.

    • Oh gosh, that rat killing story is creepy indeed :o
      Good that you have a professional cat now :D
      And drifting bike on every turn... you end up in the bushes than or?

  • The weirdest thing I do on the daily is to nitpick when I buy groceries. Like, I'll inspect bags of lettuce to find the freshest, "best one" -- it's a behavior that turns some heads from time to time.

    • Yeah I do that to... so does my mom. So it's not that rare :D

  • I smell my jockstrap before wearing it


    • Hahaha you never know what those jokers around you did with it 8) . Maybe it's not a bad idea!

  • Zero creepy things here.

    • You're too good Jacques... no Halloween for the "ketjes"?

    • Nope, the only 'ketjes' close by are two Austrian girls, aged 9 and 12, 'miekes' donc. I don't know if they ever heard about Halloween.

  • I don't know you would have to ask the people I creep out😁

  • Eating uncooked egg noodles and playing with myself.

    At the same time.

    • Hahahahaha enough details there 8) :-(
      Enjoy your eggs :D

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    • I'm surprised you could feel the difference between the two lol.

    • @galloway875 Laughing my ass off and just peed a little, thanks dude.😂

  • Facebook stalking?