Would you rather: Textbook or Different?

Say you were to be really good at a craft.

Would you rather be:

A. Textbook at something
B. Different; Standout; Unique

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  • Different
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  • The fact that yr even asking this question indicates that you don't understand the nature of art, and/or the nature of maverick talent.

    You can't be #B until you are #A. You can't start breaking the rules, until you have mastered all the rules.

    You can't be e. e. cummings until you're already proficient at "normal" poetry.

    You can't be a Harlem Globetrotter until you've already got tip-top clinic skills to start with.

    You can't be Miles until you've mastered everything "textbook" about playing the sax.


    If you try to be "different" without an absolute, thorough-going mastery of all the fundamentals, you'll just be a bad joke. You'll be the dude trying to enter a slam-dunk contest who can't even dribble the damn ball.

    #A is a necessary step on the way to #B.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think you interpreted this question differently than the reason I intended to ask it.

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    • When you look at a golf swing:

      Tiger Woods and Adam Scott have a 'textbook' golf swings.

      Exhibit A (Tiger Woods): https://i.imgur.com/A72Bu.gif
      Exhibit B (Adam Scott): media.giphy.com/media/13ljzCsK2wgiJi/giphy.gif

      But, other golfers like Jim Furyk can still be successful with a unique swing that is against convention. Coaches have tried to make him change his swing but he wouldn't do it; however, was still able to win Major Championships with an unconventional and one of a kind swing.

      Exhibit C (Jim Furyk): media.golfdigest.com/.../...013-06-furyk-swing.gif

    • Well, I don't know a ton about golf, but Furyk looks like he's just looping a little extra bit, to correct for a natural tendency to swing across the ball from the outside in. He doesn't look like he's doing anything totally nuts.

      Certainly not as different as, say, a side-arm pitcher vs. an overhand pitcher in baseball.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You can't be REALLY good at a craft until you are ADDING to the craft.

    Gotta be different in order to achieve that.


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  • textbook or an audio.

  • definitely different, but i already think i am =]

  • Id much rather stand out than be the norm...

    • Please explain your reasoning.

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    • Id still rather standout and be know for being different, just my opinion though...

    • You're like a Nissan Ultima

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