Does anyone have tips for KILLING bad food smells WHILE cooking?

the people I live with cook food that stink all day long and its driving me fucking nuts! the fan above the stove and open doors barely helps. I need a better solution. :(


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  • Incense sticks! They work wonders and smell amazing :)
    Candles work too of course
    Try opening up a window
    When cooking you can put a bowl full of vinegar next to the stove
    Have them cook outside or in the garage
    Room freshers
    Odor eliminators. I have not tried this but I want to. They have tons on Amazon including natural charcoal deodorizer bags

    • I've tried that. the two smells together have me headaches :/

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    • no, I meant incense. I've never seen charcoal odorizers, do you think heath stores would sell them?

    • Hm they might, not positive. Walmart and Amazon do!

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  • Candles. Glade plug ins. Febreze. Incense. A towel near the door of your room.

  • Potporri, incense sticks, did you try that yet?

  • Close the door of the kitchen. Tell them to put the leftovers directly in the fridge/oven instead of leaving on the table.

    • the kitchen doesn't have a door. I wish it did

    • Ahh that sucks :( does your room or the living room has a door though?

    • living room, no. and it travels everywhere. the moment as door is open it gets in, so even shut doors doesn't help much.

      I think I might try stronger incense.