If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you'd find leading a more satisfying life than yours?


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  • Probably a good portion.
    However, I don't care.
    I only live once, and it's not to compare myself to others.
    I'm satisfied with my current accomplishments and will aim for better.
    I will reach the full extent of my capabilities, I will always be proud of that.
    Not every one comes from the same background.
    Same beginning.
    Same network of people or connections.
    We all start off on different blocks.
    Different incomes.
    Different lives.


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  • where in my country or in the world?

    either way id probably be somewhere a bit above the average.
    so id say, 35 people above me and 64 people below. just an example.

  • Depends on the social status.

    I mean.. I know I have better life than many kids from rural areas in Mexico.

    But if I compare myself to an Asian intelligent dude.. I'm lost. Or an European rich girl.

    Sorry for the stereotypes XD

    People around my social status.. Eh let's say the half. 50.

    Good question by the way

  • that depends whether you mean north america or all over this world. Also whether you mean middle class people like myself or people of all economic positions. Also whether you mean 100 people who live with their parents like me or 100 people in general. This question is impossible to answer without knowing that.

    • You can live a very satisfying life in about any situation or a completely unsatisfying life in about any situation. A rich person may be completely miserable while a poor person may be completely happy and content. A person living a hunter gatherers life in the amazon could live a more satisfying life than a wall street broker who's completely stressed out all the time.

  • Hmm maybe 10!

  • At least 80% of them


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