Should I work on this?

Should I work on this?
I just finished.
I realized a different thing on his head but I can't explan what is that, like something wrong. Maybe you can help me see that wrong thing,
Should I work on this?


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  • I wish I could draw or sketch as well as you can. Please don't get up set because everyone has a different style when it comes to art. What I see is you put a lot of detail and feeling into how his hair flows on his head and across his face. I don't feel the same attention was put into his cheeks, nose and lips. If would add light shadowing to help accent these parts and give feeling to them, it will help. If your were only wanting to accentuate his hair I cannot see anything wrong with it

    • Oop thanks, you're really right. I didn't see this details but i realized when i saw your comment. Thanks again, i will fix that you said

    • your welcome and you do have a lot of talent.

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