Out of the Jedi Council/Order, which is your favorite Jedi character?

The title says it all. So I've been obsessed with Star Wars related stuff recently, and I was just wondering which of the characters from the Jedi Council/Order are your favorite? The image found on Google below shows them all. They are just basically the Jedi from the Prequels, who were either part of the Concil, or just very important characters.
Out of the Jedi Council/Order, which is your favorite Jedi character? For me, personally, my favorite would probably be Yoda. He's the grand master Jedi, he's a very strong and wise warrior for a little guy, and I like his of talking. And I did not make the following image. I just got it on Google. I didn't even know that Sora Bulq or Bultar Swan even existed.

  • Yoda
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  • Obi-Wan
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  • Anakin Skywalker
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  • Plo Koon
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  • Kit Fisto
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  • Aayla Secura
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  • Other (please say which if you choose this)
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  • Obi-Wan Kenobi followed by Mace Windu.


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  • Yoda is my favorite ;)


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  • I prefer Yoda in his Jedi Order days. The old looney from Empire/Return not so much.

    I'll go with Obi Wan Kenobi. The guy kicks ass in his young and old versions.

  • mace windu, most badass

  • OB1 all day

  • Where's Luke?

    • Not part of the jedi council.

    • In this list we're just talking about the Jedi knights from the Prequels. Luke is not one of them.

    • Well, considering they are pretty much all wiped out by the end of Return of the Jedi, I'd think Luke IS the Jedi Council. Ergo thusly, my vote is for Luke.

  • Luke sky walker

    • He's not part of the jedi council

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    • Darth vader? Then that's technically Anakin Skywalker.

    • Nay, Darth vader was given the sith name Darth once he had destroyed the jedi order through order 66 and left it so although he is the same person Darth vader isn't part of the jedi order.

  • Where's Quinlan Vos or Revan? with those characters on screen I'd have to go with yoda.

    • Well you see, this list is not supposed to list any characters from the Clone Wars cartoon series, the comics, the games, or any Original Trilogy characters. It's just supposed to list the Jedi Knights from the Prequels, who were either part of the Council or very important Jedi knights.

    • Quinlan Vos is a jedi from the prequels and he was a part of the jedi order he is seen in the phantom menace and mentioned in revenge of the sith.

    • True, but he wasn't an important character at all. He was just a background jedi. The Clone Wars and comics is where he started to matter, but in the real movies? No. And I didn't why whoever made this list even put Sora Bulq or Bultar Swan. They weren't part of the Council, and didn't make any scenes. They only mattered in the comics.

  • Yoda, but if I had to pick a non-mainstream Jedi, I'd pick Yarael Poof.

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