For Valentine's Day... What dessert should I make I'm so confused. Please Help?

I know it's a few weeks away but I liked to be prepared. I'm confused as to what dessert I should make. I was planning on making cupcakes because I always makes cupcakes. But then my brother told me to try something different. So what should I do? And what flavors are the best for Valentine's day. Any input is greatly appreciated: 1.) strawberry 2.) French vanilla 3.) Red velvet 4.) Pink velvet 5.) Chocolate 6.) Champagne 7.) Cheesecake 8. ) marshmallow

For Valentine's Day....What dessert should I make I'm so confused. Please Help!!!!!???

  • Macarons (The French Pastry)
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  • Cupcakes
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  • Truffles
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  • Other (please specify)
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  • You could make a small dessert platter of all three of them if you wanted. I would say French vanilla macaroons, red velvet truffles, and mini chocolate muffins.

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