I haven't done a mytake in a while, what should I do one on?

For the past month I haven't done a mytake, i think it's about time I do another one I'm looking at doing superbowl recipes (Go Panthers!) do y'all have any ideas

@EmpatheticLady @Ginnyweasley97 @Questionman @justbanannaz what do you think would be a good topic


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  • why don't u go a little more into the Super Bowl for people who aren't American and why it's a big deal. u know, why they organise the massive show and everyone goes nuts over it. it'd b pretty informative.
    you'd also get opinions from fellow americans who can add more info with their comments =]

    • Great idea Anna. I'll have to wait till after the weekend though, the final teams to compete will be decided Sunday i can dissect the two teams then and explain to non Americans the whole concept

    • no worries. good luck with that.

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  • Superbowl recipes would be good. Maybe one on Valentine's Day dinners to make would work since that's coming up.

  • Superbowl recipes is a great idea

    • I like that amd @justbanannaz idea. Which team are you pulling for?

    • My team had a rough year because our quarterback got injured early in the season so truthfully I dont care who wins. I guess neither? Panthers are a good team but Cam newton is too cocky and losing the super bowl will shut him up at least for a year but then again tom brady is a cheater

    • Honestly Im gonna have to go for Panthers because I'm from North Carolina and because of Luke Kuegly and Greg Olson. Cam Newton maybe the quarterback but the other two make the best plays

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