Which of these injuries would be most painful?

1. Severe Penile fracture
Which of these injuries would be most painful?

2. Testicular torsion (twisted nut) If not treated can lead to testicular death

3. Traumatic pneumothorax (Collapsed lung)

4. Broken tailbone

5. Shoulder dislocation.

6. Rib fractures

7. Tympanic membrane perforation (popped eardrum)

  • Severe Penile fracture
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  • Testicular torsion
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  • Traumatic pneumothorax
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  • Broken tailbone
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  • Shoulder dislocation.
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  • Rib fractures
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  • Tympanic membrane perforation
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I broke and bruised my ribs before, it hurt like hell, but you'll get over it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • In regards to worst pain to least pain, I'd rate it as...

    1. Testicular torsion (it hurt reading this question and seeing that picture. *shudder*)
    2. Severe Penile fracture (I heard this was also incredibly painful)
    3. Collapsed Lung (I imagine it would also be awful not being able to breath correctly)
    4. Broken Tailbone (Gives lots of longterm pain from when you sit down as well)
    5. Popped eardrum (Also something I heard was painful, but not as severe as others)
    6. Broken Ribs (If people can continue fighting or moving after a broken rib or two, I would say that the pain could be worse. Granted, it depends on how bad the break was and the circumstances of the break)
    7. Shoulder dislocation (People dislocate shoulders often, and then they pop them back in. I know it is painful, but I sincerely doubt it is as painful as the others)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Lol the guys all vote the first 2. The others are manageable.

  • I'm an EMT and can say that most likely either 1,2, or 7 would be the most painful. I think for #3 you meant open pneumothorax, which in that case I think the hypoxia would dull pain sensors a bit. And if not, if you didn't get to the hospital ASAP you'd be dead anyway so no pain


What Guys Said 5

  • I've heard about men permanently losing the ability to become erect after a penis fracture. Sometimes it happens during cowgirl if the girl accidentally falls backward (so be careful). Over time, that would be by far the worst of these. Most of these would be incredibly painful but you'd get over it. Uncurable impotence, especially when young, would be extremely difficult for a lot of men to live with.

  • I've bruised my ribs before and they've even moved to so they would poke my lungs whenever I tried to breath at the time so not only was it painful to move much less sit in a spot but breathing was like a fish out of water very difficult, spasms happened as well all in all it's the closest to breaking my ribs and it was very, very painful and uncomfortable.

  • Shitttt!!! I was gonna go with Kevin Ware's injury

    but anything "low" on us guys will have us tapping out quick

  • I'm guessing here but I know rib fractures are extremely painful. So is a dislocated shoulder but it hurts less if you remain absolutely motionless. But your ribs would be agony every time you breathed, and you can't just stop breathing.

  • They all hurt ouch.

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