Getting pissed off and bored of the same shit all the time! What can I do?

Basically I keep falling for woman who I know I'm. Never gonna have a chance with I. e lesbians lol I love lesbians so much they are so nice to talk to they always understand me. I also found out my lesbian crush at work has changed her name from cait to dylan and she is gonna have surgery to become a man :/ I want to be able to stop falling for woman I know I ent got a chance with please help. And also give me reasons why im doing this too, much appreciated :)


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  • Because they are just like one of the guys in the way they act, you probably need to find a tomboy type of girl

    • I am attracted to tomboys but there too much of a tomboy and are lesbian lol

    • No there are ones that want a guy but do guy things more than most girls, just have to find which ones that aren't actually lesbian

    • Haha cheers for the advice :)