Why am I such a pathetic person?

I dropped a class about students starting their own business, because I felt very anxious in it. I knew my grades will be super-affected by it.

While I understood it was a good opportunity, it wasn't the beyond and end all of everything.

At the same time, I miss the friends I made there, and what could've been. There were only 10 classes left. I added another course in its place.

I know to an extent my decision wasn't 'wrong' per say, but I can't help but feel super regretful. They're all going to be learning about startups and such, whereas I'm going to be boring textbook smart girl.


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  • just take it again next semester. that should help you feel better.

    • It's not available.

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    • next semester. And I'm graduating next semester.

    • you'll still be fine. its not like that class gave your friends all the answers to the world. in the real world, business is personal, even though people say its not personal its business. just consult with your friends what they learned in the class, honestly you haven't take a hard hit from this one.

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