Okay all, I am AWFUL with equations, especially in the fields of science. This is my last college class for science, so can somebody help with this Q?

The question is

Today the United States has the equivalent of 400 standard-sized 1000-MW power plants. If electrical energy consumption continues to rise at the present rate of 2% per year, how many additional power plants will be needed in 35 years to meet those needs?

I never ask for help, especially this way, but I am having a brainfart right now. Thanks guys.


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  • Total energy consumption: 400*1000 = 400,000MW
    All you have to do now is increase the energy consumption by 2% every year.

    400,000 * 1.02 ^35 = 799955.8 MW!!!
    The 1.02 is the increase of two percent, and the ^35 does this for the next 35 years.


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  • The total consumption is 400 x 1000 giving you 400000 MW

    It rises at a rate of 2% annually or 1.02 for 35 years.

    So after 35 years consumption will be 400000 x 1.02^35 which is about 800000 MW

    Given each station is 1000 MW, thats 800 stations or 400 more than present

  • This is just a compound interest question in disguise. I'm not going to just give you the answer although it will be at the end, but please try to understand as well.

    Formula is:
    A = P (1+r/n)^nt

    A is the final amount
    P is initial investment
    r is annual rate of return (in decimal)
    n is the number of times compounded per year (irrelevant for this question)
    t is the number of years compounded for

    So we must first find the amount of power they will need in 35 years:

    Which comes to 799956-MW will be power needs in 35 years
    now the powerplants we have already will grant us 400,000MW worth of that power
    799956-400000= 399,956

    Knowing that each powerplant can only give 1000MW and you cannot round down for this purpose you effective need 400,000 more MW worth of power or 400 additional powerplants

  • not enough information, according to your book what is the current load on the system?

  • It should be 400*1.02^35

  • Too engineery for my taste. Can't help. Here for emotional support.

  • The MHO guy got the wrong answer.. You'd have to use compound interest thing for this shit.

    For eg. : after one year power consumption will be
    400,000 *1.02 = 408000
    After 2nd year it will be
    408,000 * 1.02 = 416160
    And so on..

  • Why no female responses?

  • Just use partial integration.