Is Jediism sinful for a Catholic?

Okay, I'm currently on a serious Star Wars kick, so I've been looking into the Jedi Path, and the Jedi Code and that kind of stuff, and I came across an alleged religion called Jediism, specifically the Temple of the Jedi Order. On their site they talked about learning the Jedi ways and the Codes and it sounds really awesome, but on the home page it is described as a church and a religion. The problem is, I'm a confirmed Catholic. The first issue is whether following Jediism is sinful; I wouldn't think so, because Jediism doesn't worship a deity of any kind, therefore isn't a religion but a philosophy. And pretty much all of the doctrines of Jediism align with some Catholic teaching. I also found somewhere that Jediism is Satanic? I really don't know how to approach this, because it seems like a philosophy or a way of life (like Kung Fu) and not a religion, but again, I'm Catholic. Help?


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  • Yes. Its technically considered witchcraft.

    Jediism is based greatly on universal truths. The way that is communicated however was taken from eastern philosophy. Buddhism Taoism and Shintoism as well as Confusionism.

    Here is the official site for the Jedi Church. And its not evil like a strict Catholic would have you belive.

    We're very nice actually.

    • Is there a way to learn it in terms of Catholicism? Like just make tweaks in my own personal learning that make it compliment my faith? Like, compare the Force to the Holy Spirit?

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    • * don't think

    • Interesting.
      Well, couldn't hurt to ask for guidance to your curiosity. It was my understanding that was what church leaders were for.
      Even so, the worst he could say is that curiosity not an acceptable practice and you'd be no worse off than you are now.

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