Do you pick your nose or bite your toenails?

I feel like most people pick their nose at least in private. I'm not the regular nose picker but occasionally what's in there doesn't want to come out. Ha
I just found out the guy I'm dating bites his toenails after a shower sometimes.

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  • Bite toenails
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hahaahaha I was honestly picking my nose when I found this question. I am not joking. However, I never bite my toenails. I have been farting a lot today to. Farting always feels great lol.

    • Thank you for MHA.

Most Helpful Girl

  • ew both are disgusting and I can honestly and truthfully say I do neither. Y'all nasty loool.


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  • Occasionally yes I do pick my nose but I never bite my toe-nails that's disgusting!

  • Bite toenails? Damn. I pick my nose but don't even bite my fingernails.


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