A man's/woman's scent, what flips the switch slight smell or heavy?

I only ask this because of a personal experience I had. I was running late for work and didn't have time for a full shower, so I washed my hair, put on some deodorant and cologne, and headed to work. The whole day working I kept wondering if my deodorant was still working or was my B. O. too much. About half way through my shift I had a lady come up and ask me a question, as I was helping her out I noticed she had a strange look on her face, after thanking me she turned around and I don't know if she realized I had heard her or not but I heard her say, "You smell good." As she took off running. I have never had a girl say that to me before, so it got me wondering, does a males musk really flip a girls switch? And can this happen with women, will just their scent be enough to drive men crazy?


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  • Yeah, pheromones work in ways we don't fully understand. It's not a cognitive thing, it's animal and prehistoric. It's real. Switches def get flipped.

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