Would you tell secrets to someone who never talks?

In school this girl always tells me things because i never talk to anyone but her..

I only talk to her because she bugged me so much and would still talk to me even if i was purposely showing her that i was ignoring her she would still talk to me so i gave in and started talking back.

I can talk to others i just prefer not to

she always tells me stuff like what she's feeling, if she's sad, happy, about her exes everything,
and i asked her hy she was telling me that i didn't really care
( i wasn't trying to be mean it comes out wrong when you say and type it lol)

and she said that was why she told me stuff was because she knew i didn't really talk to anyone and wouldn't care if she told me or not.

and sometimes she's just weird and tells me weird stuff thats really tmi but she's jk a lot... i hope..
she's cool to me though

would you tell someone who never talked deep secrets? or secretes in general

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  • No. People are already mysterious. I'll never know what you're really thinking. But if you don't speak on top of that, then I really have no idea what's going on in your head or how trustworthy you are.


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  • I've done it. Since they don't really know my life or my friends, or I just know that there's no way they could mess up my life (usually because they have no reason to do so). But, it looks like she's interested in you, too. Might wanna try something there, if you feel it's appropriate.

    • eh, her being the only one i talk to dont want her to get shy around me and i can't talk to her

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    • If stuff happen, you might fall in love with her before you know it :P. Just keep playing her game, it seems to make you feel better/alive.

    • Sounds too easy lol

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  • No, that's not a good idea.

    • Loll they won't tell anyone... Obviously

    • Yes, that's there agreed, but since they never talk you never know what may happen, a mystery comes into picture when telling these people the secrets, of course if you trust them 1000% and that person at least talks to you and to none other than you then it's absolutely fine.

    • Yeah true

  • No. I keep secrets to myself.

  • I don't tell secrets to my best friends so I wouldn't tell them to a person that I don't know.