White Leftists said: if all millions refugees move to Europe, then ISIS won't have new soldiers-?

I think it is wasting time to teach these Leftists how to think.
maybe those Leftists should have their own coutires,
They can do whatever they want in their own countries.


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  • ISIS won't have new soldiers, they say?

    The leftists just confirmed that refugees are apparently terrorists.


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  • Leftist do have their own countries

    • Let's split Germany into 2 parts. The leftist can give their own half to others if they want.

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    • you must just arrived in Germany.
      Germany tax payers give you a lot.

      you support leftists because they want to Germany pay for your living.
      Anyway if the government asks the leftist themselves to pay for your living.
      The leftists will say no.

    • If anyone do not want to give you money, you call the person fascist.
      This is your logic. I do not care about your logic.

  • this is how i feel about the refugees problem in Europe. as they keep excepting the millions of refugees Europe they are letting in a populaces that doesn't want to simulate to European values and culture. they expect you to except them and then to simulate to there way of life insted of them changing. if the inflow isn't stopped Europe as we know it will fall with out a shot being fired in resistance. Europe is loosing a war for its own land and identity to the people whey once welcomed and try to help.

    • if Europe wants to suicide, no one can stop it.

    • yes thats true, but if you watch the news reports the people are starting to wake up to this problem. i just hope it isn't to late for changes to be made.

    • the people are starting to wake up to this problem. i just hope it isn't to late for changes to be made.
      I wish so.

  • whats wrong with refugees unless you're racist? people are people

    • Until they start bombing hotels

    • 99.9% of refugees don't bomb anything

    • you must be one of them.
      you have no right to stay in other people's houses.
      If you call others are racists because people do not let come in their houses , you are shameless.
      This is my house, I do not like you. That's all.