I'm working as cashier?

So I'm student and I'm learning to be cashier to earn some extra money, but I'm so damn scared because Yesterday I was learning with "teacher" and it wasn't that easy at all. I'm not dumb, but I'm just super scare because I'm only allowed to make error for 1$ that's all.

There are so many coupons, and cards, so on and on that I can easily make error. Some people are also unkind because I was slowly, but it was my first day.

What do you think?

with love all \3
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  • I have the same problem :(

    • really? what do you struggle most with?

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  • Everyone starts out shitty when they start learning a completely new thing. You will learn how to do it and it will get easier. Fewer people pay with cash today than ever before, and the barcode system takes all of the math out of it besides counting the money they give you. It's just a skill, and skills take time to develop.

    • but I fucking hate it men

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    • I think I'll need to find something better, but here is so fucked up everything I've made computer science school, but damn I hate counting money and all that crap

    • cuz I'm always scared what if I do something wrong

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  • Don't worry about it so much. It becomes like second nature after a week or two. And the dick customers will always find a way to be dicks, so don't pay attention to them.

    • yeah i agree, but i'm worrying too much about how much money I need to give back and I'm always super scared that I'll fuck it up :/

    • If you stop being scared you'll be able to count the money easier...

    • yeah I know, but I'm just not for that kind of job seems like, it's really scarry when people get angry and I'm slowly as fuck :/ and I can go only for 1$ in negative plus there's like so many coupons, coupons for old people which you need to click 10% off before payment if you fuck that up, you need to do all over, and call in central of shop in another location that you fucked it up, so you need to write why, when, how much and so on.

      Many people think that being cashier is cool, for me no thanks.

      For example first day I forget to give someone coupon from card. He was so angry on me, he said fuck you I want my coupon, that's not how we go I fuck your mother and so on and on, so yeah there were complications, my instructor needed to call in main central for that and then it's whole procedure :/

  • It will take time but you can settle in, just be focused, don't check out the girls who are customers and keep calculating in mind or be fast on calculator keyboard