Do you think this is possible?

I was doing okay in school (B+) which is good for my degree. In the middle I suffered from terrible depression/anxirety. I started failing classes. I took a leave. It was a mess.

I finally was able to get back normal, but was getting Cs and Ds. At least I finished the year.

Now in the fall term, (final year), my grades have come pretty good. As and Bs.

I am motivated to work even harder this term, and know I will get As. And I'm taking an additional term in the summer to get As.

But I'm afraid that my 'shot' at top tier firms are long gone because they will see the Fs and think there's something wrong.

Do you think it's possible for them to overlook it, or is it a major red flag?


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  • I think you might have to retake those classes because it will be tough to get a good job with those grades in your record

    • I don't really think I can re-take them as my program which is a bit competitive only allows 4 classes being re-taken in 4 years.

      Those grades aren't even really that important because I've taken 4th year courses in those areas and done pretty well. So I do understand the material. It's more of a red flag because it's like what happened over there that caused all of it, you know.

    • I know what you mean but most firms consider your gpa pretty important so it might hurt you to have those classes bringing it down

    • I don't know if that's true. Most jobs I'm looking at dont' even look at your transcript, especially since I'm nearing graduation and for full-time jobs they are more concerned that you have the degree and have graduated.

      But the top tier ones do because they have a different system.

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  • Nah pretty sure they look at improvement
    So you had good grades before
    Stuff happened
    But you got your grades up again
    If they see that it's not a red flag because you're human
    If your grades were good and then just low the whole way then that's a red flag

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