Would you be more upset if your boyfriend looked and talked about one girl or looked and talked about a lot of girls?

1) he talks to his friends about one specific girl and he looks at her when you're not there. he told his friends he thinks that girl is sexy or cute but he doesn't really talk this way about other girls.
2) he talks to his friends about random girls no one specific and looks at all girls and finds them hot but he doesn't really focus on one in particular.

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  • 1. Because it's not just making a general statement and acknowledgment it means he's been going out of his way to pay more attention to this ONE female thats not me.

  • Definitely 1. It makes it seem like that one's more personal and meaningful, whereas the others seem like just random hot girls.

    • but isn't it more annoying if you found out that he lies a lot of girls and think they're hot

    • It's pretty natural to find people hot? It might make me a little jealous, but it's not like I can't find other people hot, so I understand. With a lot of girls, it's just him finding people attractive and that's okay because that happens. With one girl in particular who he focuses on, that's an actual interest in her and it's more important. That would bother me.

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