Should I be embarrassed about this?

I was at the gym and I forgot to get my napkin from my gym bag, so I had to go down. So as I was just walking out, so my trainer is like you started your workout and I am like I am just going to get my napkin and I walking buy these two machines and then this crush was sitting on the machine is like you need it and I didn't even hear him properly as I was in my own world, so anyways he is comes a little ahead from the seat on the machine and he points out at his napkin, I guess I said no no or no no thank you or no no thank you or something like that. Anyways now I thought about it, I think he was talking about the machine which was behind the napkin like do I need it haha maybe. But he obviously heard me talking to my trainer that I was going to take my napkin, so I am confused. Mostly I think he is talking about the machine and like why would he randomly ask me for his napkin like all the sweat and all in it. What do you think? Is it embarrasing, cause I kind of told this to my sister. Should I like give her more explanation about it but then she will surely remember this topic and if I don't talk about it, she won't even remember it. Please can you tell me if it's embarrassing or not?

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It's not wrong that I am mistaken right?
Oh and I forgot to add this that as he comes a little out from the machine and as he points back at napkin and machine, he says it agiain do you need it. So he asked me twice if I needs it. Please can anyone give some explaination why they think he was talking about the machine or the napkin.😋


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