For pop fans: Your favorite era of pop?

The problem with being a fan of pop music is that when you tell someone "I like pop music", without additional context, they're probably going to assume you mean today's stuff. But as we know, pop has been around much longer than that. A pop song in 1956 is not the same as a pop song in 1986, or a pop song in 2016. So, to make things easier, I've divided the extensive era of pop music into shorter periods. Which era of pop is your favorite?

  • 1955-1965: Classic pop
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  • 1966-1979: Groove pop/disco
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  • 1980-1991: pop-rock
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  • 1992-2004: R&B pop
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  • 2005-2010: singer-songwriter pop
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  • 2011-2016: modern pop
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I forgot to mention, I'd have to go with
'80-'91 as my favorite, with '05-'10 a close second.


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  • Late 90's-early 2000's. The only time it was good.

    • Hmm. I was very young in the late '90s-early 2000s, so I only remember bits and pieces. Thanks for commenting by the way.

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  • I prefer 70s disco groove and 80s synth-pop / electro-pop.


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  • Can't stand any of it. I'm a hard core rocker and always have been

  • Dat distribution tho (so far)

  • Classic pop aka Frank Sinatra.

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