How can I transfer MP3s from my old computer when they have a Windows Media Player License?

Here is my problem... I want to transfer some MP3s from my old computer (Windows XP), to my new one (Windows 10) but it recquires a WMP License or however it's called...

How can I get one?


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  • I believe in Tools > Options there's somewhere that says something about protected content. Uncheck whatever that is.

    Also, go to the folder where the songs are, select them all, right click, Properties, uncheck Read Only.

    • Unchecked "read only" and now I try to upload 'em on a USB stick then transfer 'em here... hope everything goes fine...

    • Shit I knew it... not I expected anything better tbh...

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  • Is your Windows 10 activated? The reason why I ask is I didn't have that problem. This is just a suggestion down load and use REAl player. regarding transferring the mp3s transfer the files using a usb jump drive , or set up home network and transfer files

    • How do I activate 'em?