Guys, when you're interested in a girl, are you always thinking of her?

When you've been out on a date or two with a girl, and have plans for another date or whatever your scenario may be. Do you often think about her throughout the day even if you don't text say that day but every other day are you still thinking about her?

Anotherwords if you're usually calling or texting her and a day goes by where you are so busy or don't have service are you still thinking of her?

And do you get excited for your next date?


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  • Yes. Absolutely.

    We see that girl as a potential match for us, and we probably like most of her characteristics. Every other single girl would feel powerless against her, from our eyes. Also, speaking to other girls would feel like cheating to her. We look forward to meeting with her and getting to know her more, and more, to the point where we might begin to grow some love for her.

    I currently have a crush on a girl, and even though it seems like it's an unrequited love, I think of her 24/7. I even write about her, and every song has a meaning related to her. We don't meet much, but when there's a day we do, my day lights up in sunshine.

    And if that 'interest' turns into love... well... that's a whole other story.


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  • Probably about 20% of the time. In the first few months of crushing though, it's like 60% of my thoughts are about her.

  • I think of her often, but not all the time; my life is plenty busy to keep me occupied on other subjects.

  • As of me, ya, always. I am obsessive.


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