Are smart people usually the type of people who would discriminate?

I know tonnes of 'smart' people who look down on others, won't be friends with them, won't associate with them.

How come no one calls them out on their bullshit?


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  • That's not "discriminating". What you mean is being elitist. Those two are not the same thing.
    And yes, I admit I can be elitist at times and I don't feel bad about it. I'm proud of what I've achieved with my intelligence and - more importantly - with my hard work. For example in my country, we have an educational system that only allows the top 15%-20% of all students to go to university and get an academic degree. Contrary to other countries such as Germany, England or the US, an academic degree (such a bachelor's degree) is not something any idiot can get. It's something you have to work very hard for (and also be somewhat intelligent). Because only the best students can attend University, academic courses and majors are also harder than at many foreign universities (maybe comparable to the very good universities in the US for example). I'm not embarrassed to admit that I've worked very hard throughout my childhood and teens to make it among the few ones who can attend university. And I'm also proud that I've made it despite having a physical disability that makes being a student much tougher. I am elitist in the sense that I sometimes look down on people who are lazy and don't achieve anything. However, that doesn't mean I look down on all non-university students. For example if somebody is a passionate car mechanic and he knows everything about his subject that he can possibly know, I have great respect for that person. But I do look down on people who just care for shallow bullshit like social media and fashion and gossip. And I also look down on students from other countries who think they've been really diligent because they got a bachelor's degree when in reality, in my country, they wouldn't even have made it to University (of course there are also very smart and hard-working Uni students in other countries! I just don't like the fact that in other countries, any idiot can go to college). I also find it a little poor that in countries like England or the US, you only need a BA and that's enough to get a job. In my country, that's considered only half of the education. I find it a bit silly to think that anyone who's got a BA is actually ready for his field. With a BA, you have a good foundation of knowledge but it's not actually enough to be an expert in your field. In my country, university students have to get at least a Master's degree. Many of my high school teachers actually had PhDs. No employer here would even consider taking you with a

    • petty BA and that's the way it should be I believe.

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    • Oh, you got me wrong then. I absolutely believe in the right of education. Switzerland doesn't have any resources. We don't have oil or coal or gold or gas or literally anything else. We just have the rocky alps and the lowlands where you can farm. Education is extremely important here because it's our only resource we have. That is also why we're in the top 5 of the wealthiest countries per capita. However, I don't believe in handing out academic degrees for nothing. An academic degree used to be the summit of all education, it used to be what only the smartest and most diligent students would achieve after many years of studying. However, in countries such as America, you have universities such as the Ivy League colleges where you still have to work very, very hard but you also have colleges where any lazy idiot can get a degree. I believe that ALL people should receive a top-notch education. This is why I'm very much against the American system of privatizing most secondary

    • education. And I'm also horrified by the terrible quality of the public high school system in America (I've went to high school myself in the US, so I experienced what it's like). In Switzerland, all universities are public. Private universities don't even exist. And the government heavily subsidizes education so that all students - whether poor or rich - can get an A-class education. In the American education system, only the kids with rich parents have a real chance. If you're black and grow up in a desolated neighbor - tough luck! You won't make it anywhere, even if you're intelligent. For the very reason that education is so important and a basic human right, it should be FREELY available to all citizens. Yes, people should have a very good education but I also believe that the standards for attaining an academic degree should not be lowered. For example if you've made it to Harvard not with your daddy's money but with hard work and intelligence, I have great respect for you.

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  • There are diff kinds of smart people that are arrogant and some that are nice if they see you being determined, they wouldn't look down on you...


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  • It's not bullshit. It's actually a way to survive. Bad morals spread like wild fire. And bad morals bring down societies. Societies are built by smart people who can maintain a family. If a family becomes corrupt, it will fall apart. And if too many families fall apart, society will fall with it.

    • Well said!

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    • People with a low IQ are due to a lack of logic, more likely to behave in a way that is counterproductive for the well being of themselves and others around them. I am not crazy. But to you it might appear that way since your morals are based on purely emotions.

    • In other words, you might be a good person who wish others well. But your morals and the decisions you base on them will still end up hurting people.

  • It's not bullshit. There are people I won't be around simply because anything they have to discuss would be too inane for me to bother with. I don't have the patience to hear about trivial bullshit like what happened on social media last night.

    • Your answer shows you aren't smart at all.

      I meant, actually, students in University who are all part of the same program and had the same type of qualifications looking down on their peers because they might be a tad bit smarter than the others. It's disgusting

    • Well, I'm a Bio/Music Education double major, so I don't have anything insanely hard. No comment there.

      However, if you're referring to those in STEM fields looking down at you for your Psych major or whatever the fuck you're doing, they have a right too. When all your coursework is humanities and soft science, you have no place among them.

    • *right to

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