Sad for no reason? Ever feel that way?

Lately I've been bummed. I'm disabled. Have no car, no job, no girl friend ( which is only a minor gripe ). Those things stay with me and don't go away, I'm used to that. I sorta retreat in to my own mind to get away with thoughts like

wouldn't it be cool to have my own home
lose 100 pounds.
Not have cerebral palsy and diabetes and have like terminator arms and legs to just do as much walking, and any other healthy activity that I wanna do. Having money may not buy happiness but it might buy a house and a job and that's a start

but sometimes I feel like FUCK, nothing will make me feel better if I had more money, it'd just be more issues. It's like even though I know excessive day dreaming isn't healthy but there are times when even that doesn't help me feel better. It's like no situation when I get in this " funk " makes me feel better. When I get like this not even my dreams Can save me. I'm not going to hurt myself, I'm just weirdly more bummed than usual. It's just outta no where for no good reason.


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  • It is a valid reason to be sad/down. I do get days where I will randomly be sad. I had connections with a guy wth Cerebral Palsy. He was always positive around people and tried to make the best of things... until it came to wanting me as a girlfriend... but that's another story. Point is, yes, I have had those days. Keep your head up. Try to make the best out of things.

    • I'm trying. Some days are better than others

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    • I gotcha. You got this!

    • Lol maybe

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