Tell me something random things about yourself?

I'll start first and then I'll go to bed :/

So, I will say more than one random things about myself

- I dont eat salt
- I can't go to bed without drinking tea
- I don't like coffee, but the smell makes me sleepy
- Even though I live alone, I never leave the apartment without calling mom and telling her where I'm going
- I love the smell of money
Tell me something random things about yourself?

  • No, I will not tell you anythinggg! WHY ARE YOU STALKING ME?
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  • Oh, pleasee! You know everything about me already!!!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You inspired me with the aroma facts. :)

    - I love the smell of gasoline
    - I love the smell of the inside of an industrial-size freezer (like at the grocery store; maybe it's freon?)
    - Babies have a very special smell, especially on the scalp, right up until their first bath at home (so you need to delay that bath!). I wish I could go back in time and sniff my baby boy's scalp one more time, from when he was very little.


    • haha gasoline makes me dizzy :o

      and aww I'll keep it in mind (the baby smell) for when I have kids :)

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    • ¡Gracias! :)

    • De nada :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I love the smell of books.
    I am a stationery freak.
    I have my wedding planned and my children´s names picked out even though I am single af.
    My favorite colour is pink even though I keep telling people it is violet.
    I want to fall in love and spend my life with just one person.
    I like to walk around my appartment naked when I am alone.


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What Guys Said 21

  • I voted B - You think a person who spends so much time inside his head would know himself but truth is you probably know more about me than I do. The thing that always strikes me about myself is the contradictions.
    (1) I am fearless but sometimes feel afraid
    (2) I am uber confident but at times can feel the insecurity gnawing at me
    (3) I try to be as kind as possible but am a vicious bastard to myself
    (4) I try to be totally self aware but at the same time am the most gullible/naïve person in the world
    (5) I am a force of nature yet very quiet possibly even shy
    (6) I wear my heart on my sleeve but am surrounded by 30ft walls
    (7) I love being alone but hate being lonely
    (8) Haha I can't answer a fun question to save my life

  • I want to buy an apartment in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.

    It has everything

    1. A mall.
    2. Street shopping.
    3. Lots of great cafes and resturants.
    4. Bars and nightlife.
    5. A beautiful lake.
    6. A beautiful beach.
    7. Public transport.

    All within walking distance.

    Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • I just found a 1940 nickle in my pocket.
    I have over 100 screw drivers and at least 10 saws.
    I'm barefoot probably 95%+ of the time.
    I love shoveling snow in the winter.
    I plant impatiens and begonias every spring.
    I seriously envy people who can draw.

  • I have a 5-6IV version of EVERY pokemon. I also have a shiny version of EVERY pokemon. Ladies contain your orgasms.

  • i keep netflix playing in the background for background noise.

  • I smoke a pipe or cigar on occasion.
    I hardly ever watch TV
    My favorite point of sail is a beat (where the boat is sailing with the wind at a 45 degree angle off the bow)
    I hate coffee
    My favorite alcoholic drink is a Cuba libre
    If I ruled the world, there would be a broccoli holocaust

  • Anything else than this you want to know, just ask :D
    - Whenever I see a plane, I look up...
    - My feet are not ticklish, I relax when someone tickles them...
    - I'm a pasta addict. Gimme pasta and I'm happy :D
    - I'm a Master in Marketing but by coincidence have ended up in finance.
    - I have a healthy sense of humour, as you know :D

  • Im OCD about locking my car. I push that damn button like 8 times to hear the beep twice, to confirm that the car is indeed locked.

    • hahaa me too xD

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    • Me too lol and I'm the same about my house! Good thing too because you know how Utah can be 😉

    • Omg my sister does that with every light switch in the house and door knob it drives me nuts.

  • I don't like NYC.
    My favorite vegetable is potato.
    My favorite fruit is strawberry.
    I like Indian food.
    My favorite alcohol is Vodka.
    I brag about being an IT nerd all the time in real life and many times on GAG.
    I'm a liberal.
    I'm an Atheist.
    I'm a loyal Mozilla fan! Thunderbird, Firefox... you name it!

  • Hmm ok, I'll keep this going by saying:
    1. I like the smell of flowers.
    2. I go to sleep naked.
    3. I can be a D*ck sometimes but I'm mostly nice. (Not to be confused with 'Nice Guy')
    4. And...

  • Um ok

    I love sweet potatoes
    I'm a Gypsy, don't worry I won't curse you ;)
    I love naps
    I love night walks
    And I love chocolate...

  • banana resembles me probably most :P

  • I'm 17
    I like music , movies and cars
    Most people thinks that I'm a player cause I'm a big flirt but actually I've no idea when I'm flirting 😶
    I'm entertaining :P

  • Your a cocaine addict? 😛 most US money is laced with cocaine by the way

    I love dogs

  • I am a boy.

  • I'm Orbison's #1 Fan :D.

  • I love dogs.
    I plan to get another one soon.
    Our previous dog died a few months ago.
    It was a Miniture Pinscher.
    My next dog will be a Whippet.
    That is all.

  • I meditate when I feel tired and do yoga at times.

  • I love the smell of tires , petrol and new eraser.

  • why do people ask such questions when going to bed? i will answer when i am going to bed too...;)

  • thats not a unicorn
    im wearing pjs and it makes me feel sexy
    im doing something different with my life


What Girls Said 10

  • I have broken a bone for each decade I've been alive: wrist in 1997, collarbone in 2008, and toe/another bone in my foot in 2013.
    I was born on the day of a solar eclipse visible from India and/or Turkey (don't remember exactly).
    I can pick things up and pinch people with my toes.
    I have crooked pinky/little fingers.
    I was born with a hip condition that doctors said I would most likely never be able to walk or that I would be so crippled with arthritis I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was a teenager - I am now going on 21 and my hips are completely healed without surgery!
    I love Wrigley's Doublemint gum!
    My memory goes clear back to age 2.
    I chew on my drink straw and bite it while I sip - I have no idea why!
    I constantly subconsciously play with my hair.
    There's a lot of weird things about me, but I can't list them all!

  • 1. I am addicted to chocolate anything
    2. I love the smell of chlorine
    3. I'm a huge scardy cat with things like heights, horror movies, snakes etc
    4. I genuinely love most people I meet
    5. I have a mole in the center of my back but nobody can ever see it because it's right where my bra strap goes. Also have one on my bum cheek lol

  • - I have a freckle about my cleavage and another one able my butt crack haha. I always thought that was funny.
    - it's 5:30 and I should really get out of bed but I'm too comfortable to. Haha

    • *above my cleavage and another above my butt crack.
      Wow my phone is being difficult today lol

  • - I can't sleep without my cat near me
    - I never buy gas
    - i hate almost everyone I've ever encountered
    - I never exercise
    - i drink at least 4 cups of coffee daily

  • I have a phobia of dogs.
    I hate mustard.
    I dip spicy Cheetos in ice cream. <3
    I used to be overweight in 5th grade.

  • I was OCD when I was a little girl
    I own a pink Victorian bed
    I go to a public university, it's free, yay!

  • I drink green tea.
    In used to dislike it but now I actually crave it. I drink it without honey or sugar, so that makes me feel good... for some reason.

  • I'm sick and need to get well before tmrro

  • I had my first marriage proposal when I was 19, I can't sleep without a small light on, I'm addicted to spicy food and terrified of crowds. Dunno why I thought of those xD

  • Now that you mention it, i do love the smell of money💸