Do you think stereotyping for security is that bad?

I mean for example people often point out that middle eastern looking men at airports are far more likley to be randomly searched than other races. But is that really bad thing? When it's mostly middle eastern looking men that fly planes into skyscrappers, it's not a sterotype, it's pattern.
I'd be concerned if they were truly random because it'd be a losing battle. Millions of people pass through airports every day, the chance of picking out the one that has a bomb at random would litterally be one in a million. You have to look for some things.

The reason it came up was that a friend and me traveling from Morrocco to Spain by boat. And we're both Swedish, though he has arab roots.
My passport was stolen in Morrocco and the guy at the controls just kinda let it slide, told me to get a new one at home. And my friend was saying that would have never happened if it was him, that they'd left him there and that'd be racist
But is it not just common sense? Thinking that a white, blonde girl is more likely to be european than a arab looking man? In a country that known for being a gateway for illegal immigrants to Europe, nontheless


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  • There's a ton more that goes in to profiling a terrorist than "he looks like a middle eastern."
    Fortunately, it's not just looks, but behaviours, situation, and I don't know what else that go in to deciding whether to check a person out.
    Stereotyping or profiling for a possible terrorist is way more in depth but it does look at statistics to help decide who to spend valuable time interrogating. I would be happy to be questioned if I fit the profile, because I would be innocent so there wouldn't be a problemother than they wasted some of their time.
    meaning that improving profiling techniques should always be going on so that criminals are caught and innocents have no time wasted on.


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