Do you have your septum pierced?

And if so, whats your advice on keeping it flipped up while it heals? I've heard its acutally better for the piercing as there is less of a chance of it being bumped, or moved around too much while it heals.
I've been pierced and its about a week old now, and I've had it flipped up since the day I got it pierced but I spontaneously decided to flip it down just now after soaking it in warm salt water, and it seems like my piercing has healed a little upwards, to where its sitting up slightly higher.. must be from flipping it up... legit lifted the ring by 1-2mm at least. doesn't bother me, now the balls are cute and close to my nose but i wonder if i wanted to change it to a smaller gage and flip it down will be irritating/a problem... i wonder if I'm making sense at all.. hah...


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  • I don't currently but did at some point in my life when I was younger, I got it done without my parents permission so at home I use to keep it flipped upp all the time, literally right after I got it.

  • I don't have mine pierced, but I have seen several people around here with theirs done. Hopefully, you'll get some more input soon!

  • Damn girl how did you manage that xD it didn't hurt but stung so much for me to flip ot up even after a week. I had to wait maybe three weeks before I attempted. I've had mine since November. And for the healing I suggest either leave it up or down because if you keep moving it that makes the whole bigger and more irritated. As for changing the ring you have to wait at least 6 months because the septum is a place that heals extremely fast

    • haha, didn't hurt at all. Was painless actually. My piercer did good. It's healing really well i am impressed with the progress and it's only been a week so its good stuff. I don't plan on changing it for another 5 weeks as my piercer said after 6 weeks I can get it changed if I wanted to. I just wanna go down a size as I don't like how big the balls are on the ends of my barbel and also find a delicate barbell will be cuter! but yeah keeping it flipped up the entire time, not planning on touching it just wanted to see how i looked with it cuz I nearly forgot not looking at it for so long

    • Mine wasn't painful at all either lol mine did say Oh I can change it after a month or so but I've had other piercings and I'd rather wait out the 6 months before I change it
      And damn xD I've always kept mine down