(10 valentine gifts for a guy) Lady's which one do you think is best? Guy's which one would you want for valentines day?

Giant teddy bear.
(10 valentine gifts for a guy) Lady's which one do you think is best? Guy's which one would you want for valentines day?Cologne..
Bake him a cake!Make him a homemade 🎁
Money πŸ’°
Cook him a nice dinner. πŸ€πŸ—πŸ²πŸΈ
Buy him a watch ⌚
Buy him shoesπŸ‘ŒBuy him a nice shirt πŸ‘
Make love to him all day & night πŸ˜‰

I would do all them if i can but im #teamsingle lol oh well. Ladys which one do you think is the best? Guy's which one would you like for valentines day?

Please comment thankyou πŸ˜€


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Giant Teddy bear --> Uhm... seems a little childish. I guess it can be cute but I wouldn't know what to do with it. I like useful gifts.
    2. Cologne --> Not particularly creative but... sure, why not :-).
    3. Cake --> I love cakes and it's a sweet idea :-) Certainly a good gift.
    4. Homemade gift --> Homemade gifts are always very sweet. However, I would like to stress here again that I like useful things. I've been given too many gifts throughout my life that would just stand decoratively on my shelf and clutter up everything... only to be eventually thrown in the trash.
    5. Money --> No, no, no. Absolutely not. That's neither sweet nor considerate. It comes across as "hey, sorry, I was too lazy to give you anything real or to even think about what you might like or enjoy but since we have this stupid custom... here you go, have some cash." It's okay if your grandma or uncle gives you some money for your birthday but I don't want a girlfriend who just sticks bills in my hand. I'd rather not get any gift at all. Very unromantic.
    6. Like the cake, this sounds like a great idea. It's not too expensive, it's not too much work... and yet, it's something you create yourself and it's very sweet. Plus: who doesn't like good food?
    7. Watch --> Though I come from Switzerland (the country of watches), I'm not so much into watches. I guess other guys might be. This one really depends on the guy I think. Personally, I would find it a little to posh/vain.
    8. Nice shirt --> Generally speaking a good idea but also a dangerous road to go. There's lots of things to get wrong. What if he doesn't like the color? What if he doesn't like the cut? What if it's not the right size? What if he doesn't like the material? Or even worse: what if he's not into shirts at all? This one can be a good gift but it affords that you know your guy well.
    9. Sex --> Nah. Sex should be something you just WANT to have. It shouldn't be something you give as a gift. If my girlfriend told me she's giving me sex as gift, I would feel quite weird I think. It makes me wanna ask "so... you don't actually want to have sex with me but because it's a custom to give a gift today you're reluctantly gonna offer your body for my pleasure?" Noooo.


Most Helpful Girl

  • LOOOL, I got off the phone with customer service to one of those items a couple of minutes ago. I already got my Valentines day gift for my boyfriend already done.

    HIS GOING TO FREAKKKK OUT πŸ˜… I hope he doesn't pass out 😳 Lmfao πŸ˜… *naughty naughty Mooky* *slaps wrist* *dies on the floor from laughter*


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  • Coming from my unique perspective (I'm in college, I prefer to eat very healthy, and I'm super picky about fashion)

    I'd be careful with these first things:
    - A Teddy Bear is more a gift for the girls.
    - I keep the sweets to a minimum. Making some sort of treat would be nice, but a whole cake would be a bit much for me. Make sure you know what he likes first.
    - Straight up cash? hmmm kind of a turnoff TBH, a gift that she actually put thought into would mean a world's difference to me.
    - As far as watches, shoes, shirts, coats, or any apparel, I'm really picky and would worry that I wouldn't like it. I mean there are returns, but it's difficult and awkward to say you don't like it. Personally, i think these types of items would make better birthday/Christmas gifts where I can ask for a specific product.
    - Sex, I guess it would depend on what level you are at in your relationship. I guess make sure you're both comfortable with it first. Don't feel pressured just because it's Valentine's Day.

    These gifts would be good though:
    - Cologne would be good considering she picked it out, loves the scent, and wants me to wear it.
    - Cooking a nice dinner would be very nice! Going out to dinner is nice too, but a private dinner that you prepared is better! From a college dating perspective, if you're cooking a meal, then surely that means we'll be going to your place and I'm assuming you have other things for the night planned out as well, which you put thought into.
    - Homemade gift tops my list! The number one thing that means the most to me is the fact she put thought into the gift, no matter what that gift may be.

    I guess other gifts/ideas for Valentines Day for guys would be Netflix, blu-ray, video game, maybe play some board/card/video games, walk in park, amusement park, ice skating, bowling, and other things he may be interested in.
    Now this is just an idea, but if you're bored with Valentine's Day and don't know what to do or what to get him/her, maybe try something new and go on a double date, or plan a Valentine's Day party with a bunch of friends!

  • The nice dinner

  • food and sex r the best

  • If you can't cook, definitely go with the cologne/money, I don't think I know any guys who would prefer a teddy bear as a gift, lol Cute from their girlfriend, but not preferable lol


What Girls Said 4

  • Okay, I would:

    Surprise him with food
    Have his favorite game on (video games that is obviously)
    I'd have those parts he has needed for his computer wrapped in nice ass wrapping paper
    I'd give him a massage too (obviously)
    Then whatever else he "requested" if you catch my meaning.

  • These are nice gift ideas!

    I, too, am Team Single for yet another Valentine's Day. I would probably bake him a cake, cook his favorite meal, make him something homemade and depending on how long we have been dating, sex.

  • The way to my heart is with food!

  • Date night and cake with teddy❀❀❀

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