Valentines Day present?

So this is mine and my boyfreinds first Valentines day together. I am buying him a gift and I dont really care if he gets me one or not. We didn't do the Christmas presents thing because ourrelationship was still really new. I know he loves coffee so I wanted to do something around that. Does this sound dorky. I am making a gift basket with coffee mugs, expresso cups and a few other little things like a game and car freshner and what not. I also bought him a nespresso maker. He really has been talking about wanting one, and did not get it for Christmas. I wanted to get it for him since he didn't get one, and i found the best possible model and it was on clerance!!. although still expensive but it will be worth it seeing his face, even if he gets mad at me. Is this a bad present or what are your thoughts?


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  • Wow, sounds like a lucky guy! You must really like him, huh :-)

    I think he'll be blown away :-)

    • Thanks!! I really like to go all our for occassions like Christmas is a big one, but since we did not celebrate it this year I figured Id do it for Valentines day. He is going to be mad I did all that but we will see

    • Haha! Yeah, if he doesn't have something as big planned for you, then he'll probably be pissed. But in a good way. :-)

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