What the hell - it felt like something punched me in the heart?

Sometimes I wonder if I have arrhythmia; my heart does beat irregularly at times. But this was different - it actually moved me, or caused me to move, as if someone had shoved me from behind. Or perhaps cupid hit me with an arrow? Whatever it was that happened, it felt strange. Any ideas on what this could be?

My blood pressure and blood sugar checks out fine. I had some blood-work done and that seems fine. I haven't had any palpitations lately, but I've had an irregular heartbeat at times. Could be something I ate or drank at the time.


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  • Could be a thyroid issue. If you have frequent heart palpitations and it kind of makes your heart flip flop around (like a fish out of water) you may have an inclined amount of thyroid hormones in your system. You kind of need a correct amount of thyroid hormones to be running around in your body to help with your metabolism. I would go to the doctor and see what is going on. You may need to be on supplements to help assist with that..


    Cupid shot you with an arrow

    Whatever you want to go with..

    • It could be a thyroid problem. I notice sometimes that I feel cold (especially my feet and hands), and sometimes even after getting a good night's sleep I may feel lethargic.

    • Sometimes your feet and hands will get cold because there is no constant blood flow reaching to them. Usually that will happen when blood flow is needed somewhere else..
      Feeling tired after a good nights sleep can be symptoms.. Go see a doctor and see what he/she says. You'll under go blood test (just to make sure it's nothing else) and they'll put you on a heart pacemaker to measure how many times your heart palpitations happen within the time frame of a week. After that they'll give you a solution. Treatment is usually medication over a course of months to years

  • Did it feel like a charlie horse around your heart? If so, I have it happen all the time and it could be due to high blood pressure.


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