Did I give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to me?

There was this girl who was a part of the club that I used to go to. It's been like 2 years or something.

Anyways she was working at a coffee shop. I think I recognized her but wasn't sure. Anyways, after I received my coffee, I was like, 'Weren't you a part of that club? I think I recognize you?' She smailed and said yes.

Honestly I wasn't even sure that she'd remember me, (and i'm surprised I remember her), so she made my coffee, I was about to go, and then she stopped me. She was like yeah I think I remember you at some tournament, and kept listing names. I smiled politely and said not really, maybe we just met in the club. Was about to go, when she snapped, "Yeah I remember you showed up late."

I seriously snapped. That club (University), was a terrible experience for me, where one time a member had misbehaved that I was seriously upset, (and it's the same day she is referencing). My face got red and I muttered something while grabbing my coffee.

I was sitting myself trying to forget it, but I just couldn't, I mean what the fuck? Who the hell is she to say that, people who are my friends don't dare say that. I went back to her and said I just wanted to give her some advice, you can't talk to people like that. We're students, we work so hard, we don't deserve this, I'm nice I'm letting it go, but if it was someone else they'd probably complain to the manager taht they can't talk to a customer properly." I was literally shaking.

The manager was polite afterwards but saw me crying. Someone told me she was feeling insecure because she is a fat girl who works at a coffee shop. It makes sense, but she had no right to bring that up and treat me so disrespectfully.


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  • I would say yes, you did give her the satisfaction of getting to know you. You're right she shouldn't have spoken to you that way.


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