Bank took out more than what was actually spent. Now in the negative. What to do?

We just got this replacement card because the other one got lost or stolen. The other card got discontinued after my brother reported his missing card. The replacement card has been safely in my care. I have been keeping track of my purchases and the amount on the replacement card. I MADE SURE not to go into the negative. Didn't even use the card for a few days. I just checked the checking account today and it says we're $94.60 overdrawn. Image my surprise. When I checked the times it's been overdrawn, this card has been no where near those places mentioned. Not to mention the date of the time everything got settled was yesterday, but I sure as heck did not use the card yesterday nor the day before that. I looked up my situation and it says banks always charge $175 fee for overdrafts... but my bro was always getting a check from his job, so it should've paid for it, but apparently it didn't. What should I do?


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  • Go to the bank 😕 such a genius you are 😂


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