Did Trump finally say his first intelligent thing on the Oscar boycott?

So everyone knows what a moron Trump is. But pointing out that this bullshit boycott by black actors because of that they call "discrimination" is spot on. So they have BET, and many other black awards. Yet also want a quota of black people to have nominations. NOT because they deserve it, but because they are black. So they want affirmative action for acting so they don't need to be the best at what they do to win. That is just sad.
So there is actually something I can agree with him on. Get rid of all those predjudice awards then you can complain when something is not "fair". But then offer something to prove someone deserves a nomination.

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  • Stacy Dash, a black woman, said it first and Trump supported her. Multi millionaire Jada Smith wants to boycott because her husband got snubbed for his role. EVERTHING seems to be about race with the black community. No mention of the NBA or NFL having a lot of blacks vs the population. Special rules for blacks to get into college and jb promotions, and in Florida they automatically get higher grades in school to adjust them up. pathetic and embarrassing, they are not weak but we treat them like they cannot compete.

  • Didn't hear what he said, but that boycott is bullshit, they just want to be nominated because they're black, not because of their talent.

    And they do it again... -_-

  • Fuck the Oscars,
    They didn't even nominate pacific rim for best special effects when it should have won.
    They didn't give Pan's Labyrinth the best foriegn film award when it was the best movie released that year.
    They clearly dislike my favorite director.
    Fuck the oscars and that waste of time

  • @godfatherfan When did he say that?

  • He says plenty of intelligent, factually-backed things. Get off the hate train, man.

    • That asshole hasn't said anything other then what he feels people want to hear. Now most politicians do that. but he is aiming for the uneducated idiots of our country and using hate speach to do it.
      but that is fine. I think he is the absolute best thing to happen to the democrats. I think Hillary is a lock to win anyway. but having that piece of garbage spewing his "message" will guarantee either Hillary or Sanders wins. And a democratic win is the best thing for America, ALWAYS.

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    • lol... ok. I hope there are a ton of people like you out there. #Hillary2016

    • That's your arguement? Seriously? How did you even make it to the age of 47 without accidentally chugging a bottle of bleach?